Meet our team

Alf and Sam

The third generation owners of the Skyliner and the people who make everything run smoothly behind the scenes!


The manager and the man responsible for events like the raffle and coffee morning, he can be seen behind the pans every Friday.


His quick wit and tasty food are sure to have you coming back.

Jo Rose

The queen of the restaurant and one of our longest working members of staff, you can normally find her chatting away with every customer she can see.


Just from that smile alone you can tell you're in for amazing service with Sarah around.


A member of both our lunch and evening teams, Sam is always sporting a happy smile and will be sure to have you laughing between tea refills.


Melissa never stops working, she’s a real hit with customers and a valuable member of the team. Melissa is our latest member of the team to take up a supervisory role and has also learnt to fry a cracking fish too. 



A key member of our lunch time staff. Suzie is very versatile and can work anywhere, she’s got new role working the takeaway on a Tuesday 


One of our most experienced fryers with a wicked sense of humour and even better food!


Our Jack of all trades, Ella can work anywhere from Frying to restaraunt and counter. She's one our most experienced members of staff having been here since birth!!! She’s the fourth generation to be involved with Skyliner. 

Lil B

Though she may not always look it, B is a bundle of joy and always happy to be serving on the counter or in the restaurant.


Kaitlin has been with us a few months now and works mainly in our restaurant where she’s growing in confidence. She’s establishing herself as a real customer favourite. 


The eldest of the Fisher sisters and a hard worker we can fit in anywhere. Isabelle has really come in to her own working in the restaurant. She is a real asset to our team and always goes the extra mile.


The other half of the dynamic Fisher duo, Sara is a strong member of the team. Her work ethic is commendable, she always gives 100%


Known for his politeness and speed on the counter, Tobey is a valued team member.


Not only a member of our Skyliner family but a member of the Leeds rhinos and England wheelchair rugby team. Josh is very versatile and an all round good guy.