It was back in 1962 when John Frances Meehan (Johnny), first dug the foundations for a fish & chip shop that would still be trading over 60 years later.


Three generations of the Meehan family have run the business, with the present owners Alvin (Johnny's first grandson) & his wife Samantha, taking over the business from David & Elaine (Johnny's Son and Daughter in law) in February 2008.


Back in the early 1960's it was the norm for pubs to close at 10.00pm and fish shops would close half an hour later. Johnny loved his fish & chips, and also an occasional pint, so by the time he arrived at his local "chippy" it was closed.

Being the business man he was, Johnny bought a plot of land and built what would become one of the most popular fish & chip restaurants in Leeds, even being voted "best fish & chips in Leeds" on more than one occasion.

The name "Skyliner" was decided upon by Johnny's wife Ellen, while visiting family in New York she came across "Skyliner Diner" the name immediately appealed to her in neon lights and the rest as they say is history.

Original Photographs of the images above can be seen hanging on the wall in the Skyliner Restaurant.