Soup of the Day £4.50


Seafood Platter £6.50

combination of Haddock and a Mix of Scampi, Filo Prawns, Salt & Pepper Squid


Salt & Pepper Squid £5.50


Filo Prawns £6.50


Wholetail Scampi with Tartare Sauce £5.50


Prawn Cocktail £6.50

Barbecue Pulled Beef Croquettes £6.00


Breaded Mushrooms with Garlic Mayonnaise £4.50


Mac n Cheese bites £5.00




Regular Deep Fried Haddock £13.50


Old Favourite Special Haddock £14.50


Fresh Prawn with Marie Rose Sauce £13.50


Whitby Scampi £14.50


Prawn Twisters £15.00


Salt & Pepper Squid £14.50


Halloumi & Breaded Camembert £12.50





Fisherman's Feast £18.50

A combination of Haddock and a Mix of Scampi, Filo Prawns, Salt & Pepper Squid


16oz* Jumbo Haddock £18.50

*Approx uncooked weight.


Double Haddock £17.00


Seafood Platter £15.00

Like the Fisherman’s Feast but smaller


Plaice Fillet £12.50


Wholetail Scampi in Breadcrumbs £12.50

Haddock Goujon Salad Wrap £10.00


Traditional Yorkshire Fishcake £9.50


Smoked Haddock, Mozzarella 

& spring onion Fishcake £12.50


Homemade Fishfinger Sandwich £10.00


Chicken Stack Sandwich with Hash Browns, Cheese, Onion Rings & Salad £11.75


2 Jumbo Sausage £9.50


The Old Favourite Special Haddock £12.50


The Smaller One Deep Fried Haddock £11.50

All The Above Are Served With Chips




Special Haddock £10.00


Deep Fried Haddock £9.00




Chips £3.50


Mushy Peas £1.50


Curry Sauce £1.50


Gravy £1.50


Breadcake £1.30


Bread & Butter £1.00


 *Although great care has been taken to remove all bones, some may remain. 

*Although it is highly unlikely, small field stones may be present in our peas

*Although every effort is taken to serve completely
gluten free dishes wherever requested.
we can never guarantee that all traces of gluten
will be completely eliminated. We have invested in
a separate deep-fat fryer that's dedicated to
cooking gluten free food, and have adapted our
entire menu to accommodate gluten free diners,
but must state that we are not Coeliac accredited.
Customer's always eat with us at their own risk.

*Prices may change without notice.

Prices correct as of 7/11/22