Haddock & Chips £6.00

Haddock £4.10

Chips small £1.60 regular £1.90

Special Haddock £5.00

16oz** Jumbo Haddock £9.50

Scampi £4.90

Plaice Fillet £4.90

Halibut Fillet £6.00

Salt & Pepper squid bites £4.90

Sausage £1.60

Steak Pie £2.20

Peas* / Curry / Gravy 90p

       Coleslaw £1.00

       Breadcake 80p

       Pickled Onions 30p

       Pickled Egg 50p

       Tea/Coffee £1.70

       Cans pop from £1.00

       Large pop from £1.90

Kids Box (mini haddock or chicken nuggets or fish fingers or sausage all with chips, drink and a treat) £3.90

Plain Salad £3.50

Coleslaw Salad £4.00

Tuna Mayonnaise Salad £4.90

Prawn Salad £5.30

Sauce sachets 30

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Although great care has been taken to remove all bones, some may remain. 
*Although it is highly unlikely, small field stones may be present in our pease 
** 16oz approximate uncooked weight
Prices correct as of 01-07-19 
Prices may change without notice.